Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of the Etnoo-Skincare Online Shop

1.         Scope of Application 

Etnoo Skincare, a brand of Etnoo GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "Etnoo") renders all of its services and provides all of its products ordered from the Etnoo Online-Shop exclusively on the basis of these GTC in the version in effect at the time the order is placed. By submitting an order to Etnoo GmbH, the customer acknowledges these GTC.

Written agreements that deviate from these GTC between Etnoo and the customer may be made on a case-by-case basis, and have to be confirmed in written form by Etnoo.  

2.         Products

Product information provided in the Etnoo Online-Shop shall be non-binding and Etnoo does not assume any liability for its correctness, completeness or topicality. Etnoo reserves the right to change this information at any time. Moreover, the quality standards, botanical designations, sourcing information, samples and specimen of the products shall be non-binding and may be changed at any time. 

3.         Pricing Information 

All prices are quoted in Swiss Francs (CHF) and include Value Added Tax (VAT). These prices do not include the cost of packaging and shipping. 

We reserve the right to change our prices at any time. 

4.         Purchase Orders

Orders shall be placed online on the Internet ordering page of the Etnoo Online-Shop. Offers made in the Etnoo Online-Shop shall be considered invitations to make purchases only.  

An order placed by a customer shall be considered binding upon the former. The customer shall be liable for the online order placed and the order shall be processed in the manner received by Etnoo without any further verifications with the customer.  

Etnoo shall have the right to reject any order at any time at its discretion without citing reasons. In this case, Far Etnoo shall notify the customer. A purchase agreement shall not have been made until Etnoo has shipped the ordered products or confirmed shipment to the customer.  

Etnoo shall not assume any liability for transmission errors or incorrect entries made by the customer on customer’s device. In the event of transmission errors or incorrect computer entries, the customer shall not be entitled to rescission from the purchase agreement.  

5.         Availability 

Etnoo does not assume any warranties for the availability of any ordered products and reserves the right to not deliver items that are not available, e.g. if they are not available for delivery or if the full order for an item cannot be delivered. Etnoo shall notify the customer of any items that are not available and have thus not been delivered. Etnoo shall not place undelivered items on back-order and deliver them once they become available, which means that the customer must order these items again if customer still wishes to receive them.  

Etnoo reserves the right to deviate from the purchase order in the event that a product is not available for ad-hoc delivery and to ship a different, available product, which has the same properties that the ordered product has. 

6.         Terms of Delivery 

The delivery time depends on the circumstances at the time the order is placed. All delivery times and dates are non-binding estimated times. The customer shall not be in a position to construe any entitlements from non-compliance with these times. 

The customer shall undertake to accept the goods and pay for them. 

Delivery shall be made via A-Post (Swiss Postal Service Priority Mail) or, if packed on palettes, via freight forwarder.  

We charge a small order surcharge of CHF 7.00 to 8.00 for orders up to a total order value of CHF 49.99.

Shipping is free within Switzerland and Liechtenstein for all orders above CHF 50.00

7.         Payment Terms 

The customer shall pay the total amount due via the available payment menthods in our web shop. In conjunction with the online ordering process, the credit card data shall be transmitted in an encrypted format. Etnoo shall archive customer’s credit card data in its system and shall obtain an authorization with the credit card company online. If an authorization cannot be obtained, Etnoo shall have the right to promptly reject customer’s order. 

On customer’s credit card statement, purchases will appear under “Etnoo” or alike.

8.         Right to Revoke and Return of Goods

Goods the customer has received based on a customer order may be returned to Etnoo by the customer within 14 days after receipt without citing grounds, provided the goods have not been used, are still in their original packaging and in perfect condition. The return of goods shall be deemed a revocation of the purchase order. The customer shall return the goods at customer’s own risk, liability and expense, unless Etnoo’s shipment was incorrect. The right to revoke shall not be available for goods that have been manufactured in compliance with customer’s special instructions, or for goods that are highly perishable or that have exceeded their expiration date.  

Returns must be sent to: Etnoo GmbH, Zählerweg 7, 6300 Zug – or as stated by Etnoo upon the return policy communication.

All returns shall be returned to the customer’s original payment means, minus the original shipping costs. 

9.         Title Retention 

Until the full price and all related costs, including late payment interest due, have been paid, the goods ordered by the customers shall remain the property of Etnoo. Etnoo shall have the right to register a title retention in the title retention register at customer’s place of domicile. 

If the customer should be in default of payment of the purchase price, Etnoo shall be the right to promptly rescind from the Agreement and to seize the goods. 

10.       Liability Exclusions and Warranty 

Etnoo shall not assume any liability for errors in figures, prices, copy or because of late delivery or non-shipment. 

Upon handover of the goods to the transportation company, Etnoo shall have fulfilled all of the following obligations vis-à-vis the customer arising from the purchase order and the right to use as well as the risk shall transfer to the customer. Etnoo shall not assume any liability in the event that the goods are not handed over directly to the customer by the transportation company, but are left on the doorstep by the transportation company in customer’s absence or handed over to a neighbor, etc. 

The customer shall undertake to promptly check the goods upon receipt and shall communicate any deficiencies to Etnoo in writing within seven days after receipt of the goods. In the event of deficiencies, the customer’s rights shall be limited to the demanding of replacement shipments or reduction of the purchase price. The customer shall not have these rights in the event of minor deficiencies. Incidentally, any warranty shall be excluded by Etnoo to the fullest extent permitted by law.    

Moreover, Etnoo shall not assume any warranties related to its website; neither for its content nor the availability of the website to the customer or any third parties. 

11.       Security and Data Privacy 

Etnoo shall archive the personal customer data required for the processing orders. Such information shall be treated as confidential. If necessary for the processing of the order, data may be shared with companies that are affiliated with Etnoo.

Customer payments made in the Etnoo Online-Shop are made in a protected area (Saferpay), in which data is transmitted in an encrypted manner. Etnoo is not in a position to assume any liability for the security of the transmitted data. 

Any and all image material used by Etnoo is protected by applicable copyrights and may be used by the customer only subject to Etnoo’s prior consent. 

12.       Liability Exclusion for Third Party Links

Websites of Etnoo may contain links to third party websites. Third party websites may link to Etnoo. Etnoo does not assume any responsibility for such websites and their content, or any products or services offered on such sites or any other offers made or for the compliance with data protection regulations. Etnoo distances itself from such websites. Website visitors activate such links at their own risk.  

13.       Governing Law and Place of Jurisdiction 

The legal relationships between customers and Etnoo shall be governed exclusively by Swiss material law subject to the exclusion of the purchase rights agreed upon in the Vienna Convention. The place of jurisdiction shall be Zurich, Switzerland. However, Etnoo shall also have the right to file suit at customer’s domicile. The place of fulfillment shall be Etnoo’s business domicile. 

 Effective Date 

These GTC shall be effective as of July 18th, 2022. It shall supersede all Etnoo GTCs in effect for online orders until that date.