More than just care. We prepare delicate skin for a healthy tomorrow.

Preventive natural cosmetics

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Straightforward products for complex skin goals! We make multifunctional skin care that combines high-quality natural actives in a way that maximizes their collective potential for long-term skin health. Each product offers more than just one benefit, so that delicate children skin is exposed to fewer products.

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Designed for children and babies. Also proven for adults with sensitive skin.

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Prevention is the future

The skin is our largest organ. We believe that young skin is naturally intact. Skin care must not alter this intact balance, but must protect it.

Our products are free of harmful chemicals, mineral oil or microplastics and only work as and where they are supposed to. Contrary to traditional natural cosmetics, they also do not contain any essential oils, which makes them gentle on sensitive or allergic skin.

Developed in Switzerland according to the latest standards of organic science.

Let's make a difference together

ETNOO stands for No to Ethnical Distinction. We honor skin and its many colors. Are you also a cosmopolitan 'tribe with a vibe' and would like to make a difference together?

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