It all started with a family.

Etnoo came to our founder Melanie during the most difficult time of her life. She was pregnant with her second child when he was diagnosed with a complex health condition.

With natural maternal instinct, she began to examine everything that came into contact with her body more closely in order to protect her unborn child from further harm.

It was then that she really realized that skin care, like food, can affect our bodies on a deeper level.

In order to avoid dangerous ingredients, she finally started using natural baby cosmetics for herself and the whole family.

This experience, combined with years of experience in the cosmetics industry, showed her a gap in the market:

While most skin care brands require a balance between natural cosmetics, medical skin care, luxury and mass market items, Etnoo combines the advantages of several areas: natural cosmetics that provide preventive protection and holistic care with very high-quality textures.

Thanks to her renowned industry network, she collaborated with leading Swiss life scientists to develop our unique products.

Friends and family from all over the world helped
Emergence, with groundbreaking ideas and experiences. Leave this valuable contribution
we live on today in our name.

Etnoo was born.

Our mission is healthy skin for every child.

We promise that we will continue to develop with unbridled passion, greatest effort and expertise.

Thank you for being by our side, dear #EtnooFamily.


Founder of ETNOO