Protects the sensitive facial skin from daily environmental influences and nourishes it with valuable organic nutrients for a healthy glow and the most delicate cheeks.

Protects delicate facial skin from free radicals, and UVA+ / UVB radiation in all weather conditions, for prevention of premature aging.

Hydrates and nourishes the skin with high-quality natural ingredients (bio shea butter, bio magnolia bark, beetroot extract, natural hyaluronic acid), for long-term skin health.

Silky-smooth texture that penetrates quickly and leaves no white cast.

A complete skin toolkit that protects, nurtures, and soothes the skin to glowing softness.

Also suited for sensitive or eczema-prone skin with its exceptionally gentle and tear-free formula.

Developed with the whole family in mind.

Without chemical nasties. Free from perfumes, free from essential oils. Non-nano.

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      For outside lovers who don’t want to compromise on long-term skin health, our Daily Protector shields delicate facial skin from environmental stresses while nurturing with precious natural actives to healthy glow and softness. The must-have companion for your family tribe with a vibe.

      The delicate facial skin faces daily exposure to environmental elements, including every-changing light, wind, cold, and sun. These factors can visibly harm the skin and reveal the level of care it has received from a young age. One of the primary causes of premature skin aging and skin cancer is invisible UVA rays, which present all-year round and are not held back by clouds or windows. We prioritize UVA protection and provide double the standard level of safeguarding with minimal filter usage.

      Designed for sensitive skin, our Daily Protector absorbs seamlessly, leaving no white cast and containing no agitating agents. Its high-quality natural actives with a pleasantly soft texture deliver a smooth skin moisture balance and support long-term skin health. It's also fragrance-free and free of essential oils and harmful chemicals, making it suitable for babies and children, and adults with especially sensitive skin.

      We’ve developed the Daily Protector to be a multi-functional skincare toolkit with the whole family in mind. It works in all weather conditions, all year round.


      After cleansing apply 1-2 pump hives evenly on the face and neck for daily protective care. Massage until absorbed.

      Discover the skin to become somptuously soft and well-nourished.

      Security note: For maximum protection apply frequently and reapply after swimming. Infants and young children should generally not be exposed to direct sunlight.


      Silica essences and an innovative mix of photostable, non-nano UVA and UVB filters protect sensitive skin from negative radiation in all weathers. 

      Beetroot extract supports vitamin D activity and promotes skin elasticity in order to be optimally protected against physical influences such as friction, pressure, and abrasions.

      Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that protects and heals the skin at the same time. Anti-inflammatory and prevents UV-induced free radicals from damaging the skin. 

      Magnolia Bark is a traditional Chinese remedy for skin irritations and inflammation.

      Bio Shea Butter is highly concentrated in fatty acids and vitamins. It soothes the skin and seals dry patches our little friction-base abrasions.

      Why we do what we do.

      We believe that young skin is naturally intact. Skin care must not change this intact balance, but must protect it and promote it in the long term.

      We make natural cosmetics with a preventative approach and heavenly soft textures.

      "Skin care is an investment in the future."

      Melanie von Escher Mom and founder of Etnoo

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