The ËTNOO way

Our products are Swiss Engineered and are currently manufactured exclusively in Switzerland. However, as Ëtnoo grows, it is prepared to be close to its customers around the world. Our goal is to reduce transport routes wherever possible and to make our contribution to local societies.

It goes without saying that our ingredients are of the highest quality and do not contribute to deforestation or excessive soil exploitation.‍

Our sourcing network values ​​the many skilled farmers around the world who make sustainable agriculture possible.‍

Most of our packaging is recyclable or already recycled, completely white (so it can be recycled many times) and does not travel across the ocean until filled. In fact, all of our packaging is produced between Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.‍

But: As the journey progresses, we promise that the packaging will change. With over a decade of experience in cosmetic packaging development, one of our founders will bring more sustainable packaging ecosystems to market. It is the corresponding legal regulations for cosmetics that do not currently allow all of them - but will at some point.