The skin is our largest organ. Cosmetic products that we apply on it are absorbed into our body.

A young child's skin is healthy at its core and should not be altered by evasive and aggressive cosmetic supplements.

Our formulas pursue a holistic approach: Just like in a balanced nutrition, we provide a well-balanced mix of premium quality natural ingredients that perfectly complement each other, in order to provide an intelligent safeguard-toolkit to delicate skin: to protect itself from harmful influences.

Our textures are light but heavenly sumptuous in their touch.

The ingenious ingredients composition combined with fresh mountain spring water
allow for this new skin experience, taking into account that children don't like the feel of a heavy oily film on their skin.

All raw materials are of premium quality and come from sustainable cultivation. Free from microplastics and everything that is bad. Vegan and cruelty-free.
Clinically tested and dermatologically approved.

Almost all of our ingredients have been certified organic by ECOCERT.

Our formulas are currently in the process of being certified by COSMOS.

Our products are approved by the European Commission for product safety and have been tested by independent labs: